Can You Rent Jack Stands from AutoZone? A Complete Guide

If you’re planning to work on your vehicle or change your tires, you’ll need to lift your car and support it securely. This is where jack stands come in handy. However, not everyone owns a set of jack stands, and it doesn’t make sense to buy them if you only need them once in a while.

That’s where auto parts stores like Autozone come in. You may wonder if Autozone rents out jack stands and what the process is like. In this guide, we’ll answer all your questions about Autozone jack stands rental so that you can get back to working on your car without worrying about safety.

What are Jack Stands and Why Use Them?

Yes, you can rent jack stands from AutoZone, and they’re an essential tool for any car-owning DIY enthusiast. Jack stands are designed to hold your car up securely, providing a safe and stable platform for performing maintenance or repairs. Unlike jacks, which are used to lift your car off the ground, jack stands are used to support it once it’s up in the air.

They’re available in various sizes and weight capacities, so you’ll need to make sure you get the appropriate ones for your car’s weight. Renting jack stands is a great option if you’re just starting out and don’t want to invest in your own set, or if you’re working on a one-time project. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and never rely on just one jack stand – always use at least two for added stability and safety.

Jack Stands Explained

Jack stands are an essential tool for anyone who works on cars or trucks, whether you’re an experienced mechanic or a DIY enthusiast. They are used to safely raise a vehicle off the ground so you can work on it without worrying about it falling on you. Jack stands typically come in sets of two or four and are adjustable, so you can set them at the right height for your vehicle.

They’re made from sturdy materials like steel or aluminum, and they’re designed to hold up the weight of a car or truck. It’s important to use jack stands instead of relying solely on a floor jack because they’re much more stable. A floor jack can slip or tip over, but a properly set up pair of jack stands will keep your vehicle secure and steady while you work on it.

Never skimp on safety when it comes to working on your vehicle, so always use jack stands when lifting it off the ground.

can you rent jack stands from autozone

Why Use Jack Stands Instead of a Hydraulic Jack?

Jack Stands Jack stands are sturdy support devices that work along with hydraulic jacks to lift a vehicle and keep it firmly in place. Unlike hydraulic jacks, jack stands can handle the weight of a car or truck without any need for a second person or constant supervision. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be adjusted to the required height, making them perfect for DIY mechanics or professional auto repairers.

But why use jack stands over hydraulic jacks? The answer is simple – safety. Hydraulic jacks can fail suddenly, potentially causing injury or death to the person working on the vehicle. Jack stands, on the other hand, are designed to prevent accidents by providing a secure and stable lifting platform.

They allow you to work under the car or change a tire with peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle will not collapse or tip over. When it comes to working on a car, using jack stands is a no-brainer.

Autozone Jack Stands Rental Policy

Many drivers wonder if they can rent jack stands from Autozone. The answer is yes, Autozone offers rental services for jack stands. However, it is important to note that the availability of these rentals may vary by location and season.

Autozone also has a rental policy that outlines the terms and conditions for the use of their equipment. Renters must provide a valid identification and sign a rental agreement that holds them responsible for any damages to the equipment. It is also recommended that renters follow the safety guidelines provided by Autozone for the proper use of jack stands.

So, if you are in need of a jack stand, consider renting from Autozone – just make sure to familiarize yourself with their rental policy and safety guidelines to ensure a successful rental experience.

How to Rent Jack Stands from Autozone?

If you’re interested in performing routine maintenance or repairs on your vehicle, renting jack stands from Autozone can be a great way to save money and get the job done efficiently. Autozone has a straightforward jack stands rental policy that makes the process easy and convenient. To rent jack stands from Autozone, you’ll need to fill out a rental agreement and provide your contact and payment information.

You’ll also need to pay a deposit, which will be refunded when you return the jack stands in good condition. Autozone provides detailed instructions on how to safely use the jack stands, so you can confidently work on your vehicle without any mishaps. Overall, renting jack stands from Autozone is a great option for anyone who wants to get their vehicle maintenance done without spending a lot of money or investing in expensive equipment.

Autozone Jack Stands Rental Price

Autozone jack stands rental price If you’re planning to do some auto repair work at home, you may need to rent a jack stand from Autozone. Jack stands serve as a safety measure to keep your car elevated while you work. Autozone offers different types of jack stands, and the rental price varies depending on the type you choose.

The rental policy requires you to provide a valid driver’s license and a credit card to make a deposit. The rental period lasts for 24 hours, but you can extend it if you need to. The rental cost is affordable and may vary from location to location.

Autozone ensures that all the jack stands are in good working condition before renting them out to customers. This means that you can trust that each jack stand is reliable and will provide the level of safety you need to work on your car. If you have any questions about the rental policy or the price, you can always ask an Autozone representative for assistance.

Overall, renting a jack stand from Autozone is an affordable and reliable solution for your auto repair needs.

Autozone Jack Stands Rental Period

If you’re in the market for a set of jack stands, the Autozone rental program could be a great option for you. Autozone offers high-quality jack stands that can handle a variety of vehicles and lifting needs. As far as the rental period goes, Autozone typically allows you to rent jack stands for 24 hours at a time.

However, you should always check with your local Autozone store to see if they have any special policies or restrictions. If you need the jack stands for a longer period of time, you may want to consider renting them for multiple days or even purchasing a set outright. Ultimately, the rental policy will depend on the specific store you’re working with, but as long as you return the jack stands on time and in good condition, you shouldn’t have any issues.

So if you’re in need of reliable jack stands for your next DIY project, consider checking out Autozone’s rental options.

How to Use Jack Stands Safely?

If you’re considering renting jack stands from Autozone, it’s important to know how to use them safely. Begin by choosing a level area to work on, preferably a concrete floor or something equally stable. Place the jack stand under the jacking point of the vehicle, which can often be found in the owner’s manual.

Slowly and carefully lower the vehicle onto the jack stand and ensure that it’s seated properly. Always leave the hydraulic jack in place as an extra safety precaution. Before beginning work, give the vehicle a gentle shake to ensure that it’s stable and won’t tip over.

Remember to never work under a car that’s supported only by a jack, and always use jack stands in pairs. While renting jack stands from Autozone might be the most economical choice for you, your safety should always come first.

Safety Tips When Using Jack Stands

Using jack stands to support your vehicle can be a lifesaver, but it’s important to use them safely. Before you start, make sure you have the right equipment, including a good quality set of jack stands rated for the weight of your car, as well as a good quality hydraulic jack. When using jack stands, always double-check that your car is level and secure before working under it.

Use the jack to lift the car onto the stands and then lower it slowly and carefully. Once the car is securely supported by the jack stands, check that they are level and that the weight is evenly distributed. Always use jack stands in pairs and place them on a solid, flat surface.

Keep your hands and feet away from the car’s underside and never shake, rock, or move the car when it’s supported by the jack stands. Following these simple safety tips can help you work on your car safely and with confidence.

How to Place Jack Stands under Car?

When working on your car, it’s essential to take safety seriously. Knowing how to use jack stands safely is crucial. After raising your car with a floor jack, the next step is to place jack stands properly.

The process involves finding a level surface, positioning the stands, and double-checking their placement. The key is to find the proper jacking points and assign each stand a specific location based on the car’s weight distribution. Always make sure your jack stands are sturdy and level before working underneath the vehicle.

A great tip is to give the car a slight shake to ensure it’s stable before starting work. Remember, the consequences of incorrect jack stand placement can be severe. Proper use of jack stands can give you peace of mind while working on your car and prevent a potentially devastating accident from happening.

Don’t neglect your safety!


In conclusion, the answer to whether you can rent jack stands from AutoZone is a resounding no! While AutoZone offers a wide range of automotive tools and equipment for rent, jack stands are not among them. So, if you’re in need of a trusty set of jack stands, it might be time to add them to your garage essentials kit. Remember, safety first – no rental can replace the peace of mind that proper equipment can bring!”


What is an autozone?
Autozone is a retailer of automotive parts and accessories.

What do jack stands do?
Jack stands are used to support a vehicle when it is lifted with a jack.

Can you rent jack stands from Autozone?
Yes, you can rent jack stands from Autozone.

How much does it cost to rent jack stands from Autozone?
The cost of renting jack stands from Autozone varies by location. It is recommended to check with your local Autozone for pricing.

How long can you rent jack stands from Autozone?
The rental period for jack stands from Autozone varies by location. It is recommended to check with your local Autozone for rental periods.

Are jack stands safe to use?
When used properly, jack stands are generally considered safe to use.

How do you use jack stands?
To use jack stands, first lift the vehicle with a jack and then place the jack stands under the vehicle in a secure location. Lower the vehicle onto the jack stands and remove the jack. Check that the vehicle is stable and not wobbling before working on it.

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