Which Cordless SDS Drill is the Best Fit for Your Needs?

which cordless sds drill

Are you in need of a powerful tool to tackle heavy-duty drilling jobs without the hassle of cords and wires? Look no further than cordless SDS drills! These tools pack a serious punch with their high-performance motors and advanced drilling capabilities. With the advancement of technology, cordless SDS drills have become more prevalent in the market, offering features that are unbeatable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you need to drill through concrete, brick, or other solid materials, cordless SDS drills are up to the task.

In this article, we’ll explore the best cordless SDS drills available in 2021 and how they can make your job easier and more efficient.

What is an SDS drill?

If you’re in the market for a cordless SDS drill, you might be wondering what exactly an SDS drill is. SDS stands for “Slotted Drive System,” and it’s a type of drill bit holder that provides a more secure grip on the drill bit than the traditional chuck system. This, in turn, allows for more efficient drilling in tough materials like concrete and brick.

Cordless SDS drills are a popular choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike because they offer the convenience of a cordless tool with the power required for heavy-duty drilling. When deciding which cordless SDS drill to purchase, look for one with a high battery capacity, multiple speed settings, and a comfortable grip for extended use.

Heading Three: SDS bits and chisels

An SDS drill is a specialized power tool used for heavy-duty drilling and chiseling tasks. The acronym SDS stands for Slotted Drive System or Special Direct System. It refers to the design of the drill bit chuck, which is significantly different from the standard drilling tools.

The SDS drill utilizes a spring-loaded chuck that ensures a secure and firm grip on the drill bit or chisel tool. The SDS system enables quick and effortless bit changes, allowing for flexibility and productivity on the job site. The SDS bits and chisels come in various shapes and sizes, designed to cater to different applications such as drilling through concrete, brickwork, and masonry.

Overall, an SDS tool is an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who engage in heavy-duty drilling and chiseling tasks.

which cordless sds drill

Heading Three: SDS vs regular drill

An SDS drill is a tool designed to drill through tough materials like brick, concrete, and other masonry without the need for excessive force. It’s a powerful equipment that saves time and effort. The SDS bit locks into the drill, allowing for quick and easy bit changes.

Unlike regular drills, SDS drills have a hammer-like action that enables them to chip away at tough materials. The drill’s mechanism creates a rapid, back-and-forth motion that sends the bit in and out of the material more efficiently. This design is perfect for large construction jobs where time is of the essence.

SDS drills come in a broad range of sizes and prices, making them suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. If you’re planning on drilling through concrete or masonry, be sure to consider the benefits of using an SDS drill over a regular one.

Features to Consider when Buying Cordless SDS Drills

Choosing the right cordless SDS drill can be overwhelming with the abundance of options available. However, considering some key features can help narrow down the choices and pick the best one for your needs. First and foremost, the power of the drill is crucial.

Look for a tool with high voltage or a brushless motor for maximum power output. The chuck size is another essential consideration. Most cordless SDS drills have a 13mm chuck, but a larger chuck can handle larger drill bits, giving you more versatility.

The battery life and charging time are also important factors, and it’s best to opt for a drill with a long battery life and a quick charging time. Additionally, ergonomic design, weight, and handle grip are crucial for user comfort and control. Finally, look for additional features such as a hammer action mode and speed control to further enhance the tool’s functionality.

By taking all these factors into account, you’ll be able to find the best cordless SDS drill for your work requirements.

Heading Three: Power

When it comes to buying a cordless SDS drill, power is undoubtedly one of the most critical features to consider. The power of the drill will determine how quickly and efficiently it can bore through tough materials like concrete, brick, or stone. Most cordless SDS drill models feature high-voltage batteries that provide ample power to tackle even the most challenging drilling jobs.

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However, it’s essential to pay attention to the battery’s capacity, as this will affect how long the drill can go without needing a recharge. It’s also important to check the drill’s power output, which is measured in terms of voltage and amp hours. Higher voltage and amp hours mean more power and better performance.

Ultimately, the power of your cordless SDS drill will determine how efficiently and effectively you can complete your projects, so it’s essential to choose a model that provides ample power and performance.

Heading Three: Battery

Battery When it comes to buying a cordless SDS drill, one of the most important features to consider is the battery. You want to make sure that your drill has a powerful and long-lasting battery that can handle the toughest jobs. Look for a drill with a lithium-ion battery, as these tend to be more efficient and have a longer lifespan.

Additionally, check to see how long the battery takes to charge and how long it will last on a single charge. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a project with a dead battery. If you plan on using your drill frequently, consider investing in a model with a spare battery or the option to purchase one separately.

This will ensure that you always have a backup when you need it. Don’t overlook the importance of the battery when choosing a cordless SDS drill and you’ll be sure to have a reliable and efficient tool for all your drilling needs.

Heading Three: Chuck and Clutch

When it comes to buying cordless SDS drills, there are several features you should consider to ensure you get the right tool for the job. Chuck and clutch are two such features that can greatly impact the performance of your SDS drill. Chuck refers to the mechanism that holds the drill bit in place, and it’s important to choose a chuck that is easy to use and can securely hold the bit in place.

Clutch, on the other hand, determines the amount of torque that is sent to the drill bit, preventing it from slipping when encountering tough materials. A good clutch will help you control the drill and prevent damage to both the drill and the material you are working on. Overall, investing in a cordless SDS drill with a reliable chuck and clutch is essential for any DIY or professional project.

Heading Three: Impact Energy

When looking for the perfect cordless SDS drill, one feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is its impact energy. This refers to the amount of force the drill can exert on a surface and is typically measured in joules. The higher the impact energy, the more effective the drill will be at breaking through tough materials like concrete or masonry.

However, this also means a higher power output and subsequently, a larger and heavier drill. For those who need a more compact and lightweight option, a lower impact energy may be more appropriate. It’s important to strike a balance between power and comfort when choosing the right drill for your needs.

Remember to also consider factors like battery life, chuck size, and ergonomics when making your final decision. With the right cordless SDS drill, you can achieve professional-level results on your construction or DIY projects with ease.

Top Cordless SDS Drills

Are you in the market for a cordless SDS drill but don’t know where to start? Look no further than this list of top picks. First on the list is the DEWALT 20V MAX XR Rotary Hammer Drill Kit. With its brushless motor and efficient battery, this drill can handle tough jobs with ease.

Next up is the Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1″ SDS-PLUS Rotary Hammer Kit. This drill offers a three-mode operation for versatility and a convenient LED light for visibility in low-light spaces. Last but not least is the Bosch GBH18V-26DK15 18V EC Brushless SDS-plus Bulldog 1″ Rotary Hammer Kit.

Its compact design and anti-vibration technology make it easy to handle while also reducing user fatigue. When selecting which cordless SDS drill to purchase, consider factors such as battery life, power, and overall durability. With any of these top picks, you can’t go wrong.

Heading Three: Makita HR2475

When it comes to cordless SDS drills, the Makita HR2475 is a top contender in the market. This powerhouse tool is ideal for both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders alike. The drill boasts an impressive 7-amp motor and three operating modes – rotation only, hammering with rotation, and hammering only.

It also has a built-in torque limiter that prevents motor burnout while simultaneously increasing the drill’s durability. The HR2475 is lightweight, weighing in at only 6 pounds, and it is ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue.

Its compact size makes it perfect for use in tight spaces or for overhead drilling. With up to 1,100 RPM and 4,500 BPM, the Makita HR2475 can power through stone, brick, and concrete with ease. Overall, the HR2475 is a reliable and versatile cordless SDS drill that can handle any job thrown its way.

Heading Three: Dewalt DCH273B

Looking for the best cordless SDS drill on the market? Look no further than the Dewalt DCH273B. This powerful tool packs a punch, providing up to 1 Joules of impact energy and up to 1,100 revolutions per minute.

It also features an ergonomic grip and a lightweight design, making it easy to handle and maneuver during even the toughest jobs. Plus, with its cordless design, you can take the Dewalt DCH273B with you on the go, without having to worry about finding an outlet or dragging a cord around. So if you want a drill that can handle anything you throw at it, be sure to check out the Dewalt DCH273B today!


In conclusion, choosing the right cordless SDS drill is like choosing a dance partner – you want one that is powerful, reliable, and maneuverable. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming, but ultimately it comes down to finding the one that fits your needs and budget the best. So whether you’re breaking ground on a new project or just need to make some holes, don’t settle for less than the best.

With the right cordless SDS drill, you’ll be dancing your way to success in no time!”


What is a cordless SDS drill?
A cordless SDS drill is a type of power tool that is designed for drilling through tough materials like concrete, masonry, and metal. It uses a special type of bit that can hammer into the surface and rotate at the same time, making it more efficient than a regular drill.

What are the benefits of using a cordless SDS drill?
The benefits of using a cordless SDS drill include greater convenience and flexibility due to its portable nature, improved safety since it doesn’t require a power cord that could pose trip hazards, and increased productivity thanks to its powerful motor and versatile bit options.

How do I choose the right cordless SDS drill for my needs?
When choosing a cordless SDS drill, consider factors such as the type of projects you’ll be working on, the size and weight of the tool, the battery life and charging time, the chuck size and bit options, and any additional features such as variable speed settings or LED lights.

Can a cordless SDS drill replace a corded one?
While a cordless SDS drill can provide many of the same benefits as a corded one, it may not have quite as much power or consistency when it comes to drilling through extremely hard materials. It’s generally best to use a cordless SDS drill for smaller or medium-sized projects, and to have a corded one on hand for larger or more challenging jobs.

How long do the batteries typically last on a cordless SDS drill?
The battery life of a cordless SDS drill will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and capacity of the battery, the type of materials being drilled, and the user’s level of experience and technique. Generally speaking, most cordless SDS drills can run for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours on a single charge.

What safety precautions should I take when using a cordless SDS drill?
When using a cordless SDS drill, be sure to wear appropriate personal protective equipment like safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines, and be mindful of the drill bit’s location and direction at all times to avoid accidental injury or damage.

How often should I have my cordless SDS drill serviced or maintained?
It’s a good idea to have your cordless SDS drill serviced or maintained on a regular basis, especially if you use it frequently or for heavy-duty projects. This may include cleaning and lubricating the tool, checking and tightening any loose screws or bolts, and replacing any worn or damaged parts as needed. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a qualified power tool technician for specific recommendations.

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