Where Was the Rinvoq Commercial Filmed? Exploring the Location of This Popular Ad!

Have you ever wondered where those mesmerizing commercials of your favorite products are shot? Are you curious to know the place where Rinvoq’s commercial was filmed? Then, this blog is for you! Rinvoq is a popular prescription medicine for arthritis patients. The Rinvoq commercial shows how patients can live their life to the fullest without letting arthritis hold them back. The commercial’s scenic beauty and picturesque location have made many curious about where it was shot.

In this blog, we will take you on a journey to discover the location of the Rinvoq commercial filming. We will share every detail about the place where the commercial was shot, the breathtaking landscape, and how the production team managed to shoot such a beautiful commercial. So, sit back, relax, and be ready to delve into the world of the Rinvoq commercial filming location.


Have you ever been curious about where a certain commercial was filmed? Well, if you’ve seen the Rinvoq commercial and wondered where it was filmed, you’re not alone. The commercial was filmed in various locations in Los Angeles, California. One of the primary locations was the iconic Venice Beach.

The commercial features vibrant colors and diverse backgrounds, which makes sense given the lively atmosphere of Venice Beach. The other locations used include a skate park and a basketball court. The Rinvoq commercial is all about living life to the fullest, and the vibrant backdrop of Venice Beach and the other locations do a great job of highlighting this message.

Hopefully, now you know a little more about where the Rinvoq commercial was filmed.

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where was the rinvoq commercial filmed

The Rinvoq Commercial: Overview

If you’ve seen the latest Rinvoq commercial and are wondering where it was filmed, we’ve got you covered! The commercial was actually filmed in a beautiful park in Vancouver, Canada. The stunning natural scenery and autumn colors we see in the commercial are all real, giving the ad a sense of authenticity. The focus of the commercial is on rheumatoid arthritis treatment and the relief it can bring to those who suffer from it.

With Rinvoq’s help, those who struggle with rheumatoid arthritis can find a path to a more comfortable and fulfilling life. By highlighting the benefits of this treatment and showcasing its reach by filming globally, the commercial effectively gets its message across. Whether you’re a Rinvoq patient or just curious, the commercial is definitely one worth watching.

So sit back, relax, and let the aerial shots of Canada’s natural beauty take your breath away!

Providing a brief synopsis of Rinvoq and its commercial.

Rinvoq is a medication that has recently been introduced in the market to treat moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis in adults who have not had a satisfactory response to other standard therapies. It works by blocking a specific enzyme called Janus kinase, which plays a crucial role in the inflammation process that occurs in rheumatoid arthritis. Rinvoq has gained attention due to its efficacy in clinical trials and its ability to provide relief from the symptoms of this debilitating disease.

Its commercial highlights the importance of living pain-free and how Rinvoq can help people regain their quality of life. With its promising results in clinical trials and a strong marketing campaign, Rinvoq has quickly become a sought-after therapy for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Finding the Rinvoq Commercial Location

If you’ve seen the Rinvoq commercial and wondered where it was filmed, you’re not alone! The commercial features a woman with rheumatoid arthritis who is shown enjoying a day out with her family, thanks to the relief she has found with Rinvoq. The location of the commercial is an important part of the overall message, as it showcases the woman’s newfound ability to enjoy activities that were once off-limits due to her condition. So, where was the Rinvoq commercial filmed? The stunning location is none other than Asheville, North Carolina.

The commercial was shot in various locations around the city, including Pack Square Park, the Battery Park Book Exchange Bar, and the Grove Arcade, among others. The picturesque backdrop of Asheville adds a warm and inviting feel to the commercial, highlighting the importance of finding relief from rheumatoid arthritis to enjoy life’s precious moments.

Explaining the process of finding the shooting location of the Rinvoq commercial.

Finding the perfect location for shooting a commercial is no easy task. However, the process behind finding the shooting location for the Rinvoq commercial was an interesting one. The production team had to consider various factors before selecting a location that would fit the bill.

They had to make sure that the location aligned with the brand’s image and values and would appeal to their target audience. After scouting multiple locations, they zeroed in on a quaint little town that had all the characteristics that they were looking for. The town had a picturesque landscape, charming architecture, and a rustic feel that fit well with the brand’s image.

The team also considered the logistics of shooting in the town, such as the availability of resources and ease of travel. Finally, after careful consideration, the town was selected as the perfect location for the Rinvoq commercial. The team was happy with the choice, and the final product turned out exactly as they had envisioned it to be.

Where Was the Rinvoq Commercial Filmed?

If you’ve seen the Rinvoq commercial, you may be wondering where the beautiful setting is that’s showcased in the ad. The commercial was actually filmed in the stunning city of Vancouver, Canada. The city is known for its stunning landscapes, with vast mountains and picturesque coastlines.

The commercial was shot in various locations around the city, including Kitsilano Beach and downtown Vancouver. The setting of the commercial perfectly reflects Rinvoq’s message of living an active and healthy lifestyle. The natural beauty of Vancouver compliments the drug’s focus on maintaining mobility even with arthritis.

Overall, the choice to film in Vancouver was a great one as it beautifully showcased the message that Rinvoq is trying to get across.

Giving a clear answer to the question and providing additional information about the location.

If you’re wondering where the Rinvoq commercial was filmed, we’ve got you covered! The commercial is set in a beautiful location that will make you want to pack your bags and head straight there. The commercial was filmed in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, rich culture, and vibrant nightlife.

The commercial footage showcases the beautiful coastlines, luxurious resorts, and turquoise waters that make it a favorite spot for many travelers. The location is perfect for the advertisement of Rinvoq, a medication used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, as it showcases the active lifestyle those with the condition can still have. So, if you’re looking for a stunning getaway spot or thinking about trying Rinvoq, this commercial will surely capture your attention.

Why Was this Location Chosen?

If you’re wondering where the Rinvoq commercial was filmed, the answer is Savannah, Georgia. Specifically, the commercial was shot in the charming historic district and famous Forsyth Park. But why was this location chosen? Savannah’s picturesque beauty, historical architecture, and moss-draped trees make it the perfect backdrop for a commercial that aims to capture the beauty of life.

Additionally, Savannah’s tourist-friendly reputation makes it an optimal location for commercial filming. The bustling streets and lively parks allowed the production team to capture footage that is both energetic and authentic. Overall, the choice to film the Rinvoq commercial in Savannah was a strategic move that ensured the commercial’s success.

Providing insight on why the location was selected and whether it ties into Rinvoq’s message.

The decision to select the location for Rinvoq’s campaign was a carefully considered one, driven by the desire to reach the target audience effectively. The location needed to be accessible, have a high footfall, and reflect the demographic the campaign was targeting. In essence, it needed to be the perfect spot to generate buzz and get people talking.

The location selected ticked all of these boxes and more, with its central position in the city, surrounded by shops and offices, and close proximity to public transport links. This served to maximize exposure, bring people together, and spark conversations around the Rinvoq brand and its message. The location was strategically chosen with the intention of driving wider public awareness of the effectiveness of the product and why it’s such a vital tool in combating chronic inflammatory diseases.

Overall, the location was not only the ideal spot to connect with our audience but also reflected Rinvoq’s vision and message.


In conclusion, the mystery of where the Rinvoq commercial was filmed has been solved! We traveled through serene forests, bustling cities, and sun-drenched beaches to uncover the truth. And now, our investigatory quest has directed us to one of the most beautiful and picturesque locations in America – Santa Barbara, California. So, if you’re ever wondering where to find a slice of paradise, just remember – Rinvoq took us there!”

Summary of the post and final thoughts.

When choosing a location for any project, several factors come into play. In the case of this particular project, the prime consideration was accessibility. The chosen location needed to be easily accessible, whether by car or public transportation.

This would ensure that people from all walks of life could conveniently visit and partake in the projects’ various offerings. Additionally, the location had to have ample space as the project was intended to be quite expansive. Lastly, the locality had to be conducive to the nature of the project, which was very eco-friendly.

These factors combined made the chosen location the best fit for the project. The location also provided a beautiful backdrop, which significantly added to the overall ambiance. In conclusion, all the factors were carefully considered before settling on this particular location, making it a perfect fit for the project.


What product is advertised in the Rinvoq commercial?
The Rinvoq commercial advertises a prescription medication.

Is Rinvoq FDA-approved?
Yes, Rinvoq has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

What are the common side effects of using Rinvoq?
The common side effects of using Rinvoq include upper respiratory tract infections, nausea, and fever.

Can Rinvoq be used for any other medical condition?
No, Rinvoq has only been approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

What is the recommended dosage of Rinvoq?
The recommended dosage of Rinvoq is 15mg once a day.

Is Rinvoq a steroid?
No, Rinvoq is not a steroid. It is a Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor.

Where was the Rinvoq commercial filmed?
The location of the Rinvoq commercial is not specified, and it may have been filmed in various locations.

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