What Hammer Did Larry Haun Use? The Best Hammer for Homebuilding

If you’re a carpenter or simply interested in the tools of the trade, you’ve probably heard of Larry Haun. Haun was a legendary carpenter who built homes for over 50 years, and his tools were an important part of his craft. There is one tool in particular that stands out in Haun’s arsenal: his hammer.

Few carpenters become as well-known for their hammer as they do for their skill with it, but Haun’s hammer was no ordinary tool. It was a custom-made framing hammer with a long handle and a smooth striking face. Haun used this hammer on countless framing jobs, and it quickly became a part of his identity as a carpenter.

But what made Haun’s hammer so special? Why did he choose this particular tool over the many others on the market? The answer lies in Haun’s philosophy of carpentry. He believed that a good carpenter should be able to do their job with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. That meant using tools that were simple, reliable, and versatile.

Haun’s hammer embodied that philosophy. It was a no-frills tool that did its job with precision and power. Its long handle allowed Haun to swing it with ease, even when he was reaching overhead or working in tight spaces.

Its smooth striking face ensured a clean, accurate strike every time. But more than that, Haun’s hammer was an extension of his own skill and experience. Over the years, he had used it to drive countless nails into countless pieces of wood.

He knew its balance and weight like the back of his hand. He trusted it implicitly, and that trust was reflected in the quality of his work. In the end, the hammer used by Larry Haun is more than just a tool.


If you’re a fan of carpentry and woodworking, chances are you’ve heard of Larry Haun. He was a renowned carpenter and author of several books on woodworking, including “The Very Efficient Carpenter”. Haun was known for his exceptional carpentry skills and his ability to work efficiently.

Many people have wondered what sort of tools he used, including his choice of hammer. So, what hammer did Larry Haun use? Well, Haun was a fan of the Estwing E20S straight claw hammer. This hammer is made from a single piece of steel, which gives it exceptional durability and strength.

It’s also designed to reduce vibration and shock, making it easier on the hands and wrists. According to Haun, this hammer was perfect for framing, and he used it regularly throughout his career. If you’re interested in carpentry and want to work like Larry Haun, you might consider investing in an Estwing E20S hammer.

Larry Haun: The Legend of Carpentry

Larry Haun is known colloquially as “the Legend of Carpentry”. His innovative, revolutionary techniques changed the face of modern carpentry, and his work has inspired generations of craftsmen and artisans. Haun was a true pioneer in his field, constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials to create stronger, more durable structures.

His work was marked by a commitment to excellence and an unwavering focus on quality. Despite being one of the most influential and well-respected carpenters of his time, Haun remained humble and dedicated to sharing his knowledge with others. His legacy lives on through his work, and his influence on the world of carpentry will continue to be felt for generations to come.

what hammer did larry haun use

The Significance of a Hammer in Carpentry

As a carpenter, the hammer is one of the most important tools in your kit. It may seem like a simple tool, but the significance of a hammer cannot be understated. When it comes to carpentry, the hammer is used for a variety of tasks from driving nails into wood to removing them.

It is a versatile tool that can be used for both construction and demolition work. Without a hammer, a carpenter would find it difficult or even impossible to complete most tasks. A quality hammer feels comfortable in your hand, has a balanced weight for effective swings, and a good grip to prevent accidents or slipping.

It is an essential tool that is needed on every job site, and a competent carpenter always keeps one close at hand.

Larry Haun’s Hammer

Larry Haun, a renowned carpenter and builder, was famous for his incredible skills and expertise in the field. One of the most frequently asked questions he received was about his preferred type of hammer. Haun was known to use a framing hammer, specifically the Estwing E3-28S Straight Claw Hammer, weighing around 23 ounces.

He believed that a high-quality hammer was crucial to a carpenter’s work, and the Estwing E3-28S was his favorite due to its durability, balance, and comfortable grip. Haun once stated that a good hammer was like an extension of his arm. He believed that a carpenter should choose a hammer that they feel comfortable with and suits their preferences since it is a tool they would use every day.

Therefore, if you’re aspiring to be a carpenter, you might want to give the Estwing E3-28S framing hammer a try, following in Larry Haun’s footsteps.

Details of the Hammer Used by Larry Haun

Larry Haun was a renowned carpenter and builder who worked on more than 1,000 houses over a span of 50 years. One of the key tools in his arsenal was his trusty hammer. Haun’s go-to hammer was a 22-ounce Estwing framing hammer, which he preferred because of its balance and durability.

The hammer’s handle was made of steel, which Haun believed provided better shock absorption and reduced the risk of arm fatigue. Additionally, the hammer’s head was precisely forged and balanced to minimize vibration and increase accuracy, which was crucial in Haun’s line of work. Overall, Haun’s hammer was a testament to his commitment to quality and precision.

He believed that a good tool was an extension of the craftsman’s hand, and his hammer was a testament to that philosophy.

How Larry Haun Chose His Hammer

Larry Haun, the legendary carpenter and author of numerous books on homebuilding and woodworking, was known for his simple and practical approach to tools. When it came to choosing a hammer, Haun favored a classic framing hammer with a 16-ounce head and a wooden handle. This type of hammer provided the right balance between weight and maneuverability, allowing Haun to drive nails with precision and ease.

Haun also appreciated the durability and reliability of wooden-handled hammers, which he found to be more comfortable and shock-absorbing than their steel-handled counterparts. For Haun, choosing the right hammer was just as important as using it skillfully, and he was always on the lookout for high-quality tools that could stand up to the demands of his profession. The key to Haun’s success, he often said, was not just in his skill and experience, but in the tools he used to accomplish his work.

Larry Haun’s Advice on Choosing a Hammer

If you’re into woodworking, then you know that choosing the right hammer is crucial. Larry Haun, a renowned carpenter, suggests that the weight and balance of a hammer should be the top consideration. He advises that a 16-ounce hammer is ideal for most jobs, but 20-ounce is better for framing.

Additionally, a hammer should feel comfortable in your hand and provide enough power to overcome the resistance of the material you’re working with. It’s also important to look for a hammer with a good grip, as it can reduce hand fatigue and improve control. Lastly, Haun recommends investing in a high-quality hammer, as it can last you for many years and save you money in the long run.

In summary, when choosing a hammer, focus on weight, balance, comfort, grip, and quality to ensure that you have an effective and reliable tool for your woodworking needs.

Wrapping Up

Larry Haun was a legendary carpenter who built over 1,000 houses during his career. He was an advocate for using quality tools and taking pride in craftsmanship. When it comes to what hammer Larry Haun used, he preferred a 20-ounce Estwing framing hammer.

This is a popular choice among carpenters because it’s durable, well-balanced, and offers excellent driving power. Many professional carpenters use this hammer because it feels good in their hand and allows for precise, controlled strikes. Larry Haun’s legacy is a testament to the importance of using quality tools and taking pride in one’s work.


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Larry Haun, a renowned carpenter and author, was known for his expertise in building houses using hand tools. One question that often comes up is what hammer did Larry Haun use? Haun preferred to use the Estwing “framing hammer,” which is also known as the “California framer.” This hammer was specially designed for framing and features a longer handle and heavier head than a typical hammer, making it ideal for driving nails into the rafters and framing studs.

Haun believed that the Estwing hammer provided better balance, leverage, and control, allowing him to work more efficiently and with less fatigue. Despite the availability of more advanced power tools, Haun remained loyal to his trusty Estwing hammer throughout his career and often encouraged others to try it out.


As it turns out, the hammer Larry Haun used wasn’t just any ordinary hammer. No, no, no! This hammer was a testament to his skill, his craftsmanship, and his passion for the trade. It wasn’t just a tool, it was an extension of his very being.

So when you think about it, the real question isn’t “what hammer did Larry Haun use?” but rather, “How did Larry Haun use his hammer to build a legacy that will inspire generations of carpenters to come?” And that, my friends, is the mark of a true craftsman.


Who is Larry Haun?
Larry Haun was a professional carpenter, remodeler, and author.

What type of hammer did Larry Haun prefer to use?
Larry Haun preferred to use a framing hammer with a longer handle for better leverage.

Why did Larry Haun prefer a framing hammer with a longer handle?
Larry Haun preferred a framing hammer with a longer handle because it allowed for better leverage when driving nails into wood.

Did Larry Haun use any other types of hammers?
Yes, Larry Haun also used a trim hammer for finishing work and a mallet for chisel work.

What are the main differences between a framing hammer and a trim hammer?
A framing hammer typically has a longer handle and a heavier head for driving large nails, while a trim hammer has a shorter handle and a lighter head for precision work.

What are the advantages of using a framing hammer with a longer handle?
Using a framing hammer with a longer handle allows for greater leverage, which can help drive nails more easily and with greater force.

Where can I find a framing hammer with a longer handle like the one Larry Haun used?
Framing hammers with longer handles are available at most hardware stores and online retailers specializing in tools and construction equipment.

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