How to Use a Chain Oil Filter Wrench Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks!

Do you want to change your motorcycle’s oil filter, but don’t know how to use a chain oil filter wrench? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to use a chain oil filter wrench like a pro. If you’re a new rider or just starting to maintain your bike, changing the oil is an essential task you should learn.

However, when it comes to removing the oil filter, things can get a bit tricky. Enter the chain oil filter wrench. This handy tool makes removing stuck oil filters much easier.

To use the chain oil filter wrench, you’ll need to wrap the chain around the oil filter and pull the handle to tighten the chain. The chain will grip the filter and allow you to twist it off effortlessly. It sounds simple, right? Well, keep reading, and we’ll walk you through every step.

We’ll cover everything from selecting the right type of chain oil filter wrench to tips for removing stubborn filters. By the end of this post, you’ll feel confident using a chain oil filter wrench and proud of yourself for maintaining your motorcycle’s essential parts. So, let’s dive in and get started!

Step 1: Prepare the Filter Wrench

When it comes to changing an oil filter, using the right tool can make all the difference. A chain oil filter wrench can be a lifesaver when faced with a stubborn filter that won’t budge. To use one effectively, the first step is to prepare the wrench.

First, make sure the chain is securely wrapped around the filter and tightened by adjusting the locking mechanism. Then, check that the handle is in the right position and ready to turn. It’s important to ensure the wrench is snugly fitted onto the filter to avoid slipping and causing damage.

Once you’ve properly prepared the wrench, you can move on to the next step in changing your oil filter. Remember, using the right tool for the job can save time and frustration, and ensure a successful oil change.

Loosen the adjusting screw on the wrench and fit it onto the filter. Tighten the screw to grip the filter.

To replace an oil filter, you’ll need to remove the old one. That’s where a filter wrench comes in handy. Before we begin, make sure you have the correct size of filter wrench.

Once you have your filter wrench, you can follow the instructions below. First, you’ll need to loosen the adjusting screw on the wrench, which will allow you to adjust the size of the gripper. Once you’ve adjusted the wrench to fit the size of your oil filter, fit the wrench onto the filter and then tighten the screw.

The wrench should grip the filter tightly, making it easier for you to remove it without damage. Remember to keep your wrench in good condition, as a worn-out wrench can damage the filter and make it harder to remove in the future. With this simple but effective tool, you can easily remove your old oil filter and replace it with a new one, helping to keep your engine running smoothly.

So, don’t forget to invest in a good filter wrench, and make sure it fits your oil filter snugly to avoid any mishaps later on.

how to use a chain oil filter wrench

Ensure the wrench is positioned correctly to ensure efficient loosening.

When it comes to changing your vehicle’s oil filter, using the right filter wrench is crucial. The first step is to ensure that your wrench is properly positioned before attempting to loosen the filter. This will help you avoid any unnecessary slipping or damage to the oil filter.

To do this, locate the oil filter and inspect the type of wrench you’ll need to use. Next, firmly grip the wrench and place it onto the oil filter, making sure that the wrench is snugly situated onto the canister. Utilizing a filter wrench that’s appropriately sized for your oil filter ensures that the wrench will have maximum contact with the oil filter and that you’ll be able to loosen it without any issues.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently prepare your filter wrench for the oil filter change, saving you time and avoiding potential damage. Remember to always be cautious and take your time while changing your oil filter to ensure the best possible results.

Step 2: Turn the Wrench

To use a chain oil filter wrench, the next step after finding the right size is to turn the wrench in the correct direction. It’s important to note that not all filters turn the same way, so it’s crucial to check the owner’s manual or do a quick online search to confirm. Once you know which way to turn, slide the chain around the filter, making sure it is securely in place.

Then, using a steady and firm grip on the wrench handle, turn the wrench in the appropriate direction until the filter begins to move. It’s essential to apply enough force but also to be cautious not to damage the filter or engine parts. If you encounter resistance, it may be helpful to use a rubber mallet to gently tap the wrench to break the seal.

When the filter is completely loosened, use your hands to twist it off completely. Congratulations, you’ve successfully removed your oil filter with the chain oil filter wrench!

Use a socket wrench or a spanner to turn the oil filter wrench clockwise to loosen it from the vehicle.

Now that you’ve located the oil filter and have the oil filter wrench in hand, it’s time to turn the wrench. Make sure you have a socket wrench or spanner to use with the oil filter wrench. You will need this to turn the wrench clockwise.

This is important because you don’t want to strip the threads on the oil filter or damage the filter housing. Keep in mind that the oil filter may be tightly secured, so be prepared to use some elbow grease. Slowly turn the wrench until you feel it start to loosen.

At this point, you can use your hands to unscrew it the rest of the way. Remember that the oil filter may still contain hot oil, so use caution while removing it. With the oil filter removed, you can now move on to the next step in the process – installing the new oil filter.

By taking your time and following these steps, you can successfully change your vehicle’s oil and keep it running smoothly.

Keep the wrench steady and turn slowly to avoid any damage to the filter.

When it comes to changing your oil filter, step 2 is all about turning the wrench. But this isn’t just a matter of brute force – you need to keep the wrench steady and turn slowly to avoid any damage to the filter. This is especially important if your filter is located in a tight space or if it’s been on for a long time.

If you rush things or use too much force, you could end up stripping the threads or even breaking the filter housing, which could lead to a messy and costly situation. Instead, take your time and make sure you have a good grip on the wrench before you start turning. You may need to apply a bit more force to break the seal, but once the filter starts to loosen, you should be able to turn it with minimal effort.

Remember, the key is to be patient and methodical – don’t rush the process and you’ll be able to remove the filter without any issues.

Step 3: Remove the Filter

Now that you’ve successfully loosened the chain oil filter with your chain oil filter wrench, it’s time to remove the filter entirely. Using your hands, carefully turn the filter counterclockwise until it comes free from the engine. Be cautious when removing the filter, as it’s likely to be covered in hot oil.

You may want to have a towel or rag handy to help with any messes. Once the filter is removed, set it aside on a newspaper or towel to drain completely. Don’t forget to dispose of the old filter properly and clean up any spills before moving on to the next step.

With the old filter removed, your engine is now ready for a fresh filter and new oil. Great job!

Once the filter is loose, remove it by hand and discard it safely.

Removing the air filter is a crucial step to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly. Once you have turned off the unit and located the filter, it’s time to remove it. The process is relatively simple, but it must be done correctly to avoid any damage to the unit or yourself.

First, you’ll need to loosen the filter by hand. Don’t use any tools, as it could damage the filter or the unit. Once it’s loose, gently pull it out by hand and discard it carefully.

It’s important to replace the filter regularly to maintain good air quality and ensure that your air conditioning unit remains clean and efficient. The filter traps dirt, debris, and other particles that can clog up the system and reduce its effectiveness. By removing and replacing the filter, you can keep the air flowing smoothly and prevent your unit from overworking or malfunctioning.

So, make sure to follow this simple step to keep your air conditioner in top condition all year round.

Step 4: Clean Up

Once you’ve finished using your chain oil filter wrench, it’s important to take the time to properly clean it up. Start by wiping down the entire tool with a clean cloth to remove any excess oil or debris. You can also use a degreaser to help remove any stubborn grime.

Make sure to thoroughly dry the wrench before storing it to prevent any rust or damage. Additionally, it’s a good idea to check the condition of the wrench after each use to ensure that all parts are working properly and there is no damage. It may seem like a small task, but properly cleaning and maintaining your chain oil filter wrench can greatly extend its lifespan and ensure that it continues to perform well for years to come.

Clean up any excess oil and debris from the area surrounding the oil filter.

As you replace your car’s oil filter, it’s essential to clean up any excess oil and debris from the area surrounding the filter. Doing this will help prevent any leaks and ensure that the filter is securely in place. To clean up, first, you should use a shop towel or rag to wipe around the filter housing.

Check for any leftover debris or old gasket material as it can cause a poor seal. Once you’ve cleared any obstruction, use some brake cleaner to remove any buildup or greasy residue in the area around the filter. After cleaning, make sure to dispose of the oil filter and any used materials properly.

Keeping the area clean and free from debris will make future oil changes much easier and quicker. Remember, failure to clean the area around the oil filter could lead to oil leaks, oil starvation, and potentially costly engine damage. So, let’s keep it clean and safe!


In conclusion, using a chain oil filter wrench may seem like a daunting task, but with a little practice and the right technique, it can be a breeze. Remember to always wear gloves for a better grip, adjust the chain tension properly, and apply steady force in a counter-clockwise direction. With these simple steps, you’ll be a master at changing oil filters in no time! So don’t let a stubborn filter get in the way of your maintenance routine, grab that chain oil filter wrench and give it a twist!”


What is a chain oil filter wrench and what is it used for?
A chain oil filter wrench is a tool that is designed to remove oil filters from vehicles. It is used by wrapping the chain around the filter and using the wrench to loosen and remove it.

How do I choose the right chain oil filter wrench for my vehicle?
You should choose a chain oil filter wrench that fits the size and type of filter on your vehicle. It is important to consult your vehicle’s owner manual or a professional mechanic for guidance.

How do I use a chain oil filter wrench without damaging the filter?
To use a chain oil filter wrench properly, you should ensure that it is wrapped around the filter securely but not too tight. Use a firm but gentle grip to turn the wrench and remove the filter. Avoid applying too much force that can damage the filter or wrench.

Can a chain oil filter wrench be used on all types of vehicles?
Yes, chain oil filter wrenches can usually be used on all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. However, it is important to ensure that the wrench is compatible with the specific filter of your vehicle.

How often should I change my oil filter with the help of a chain oil filter wrench?
Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the oil filter every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. However, you should consult your vehicle owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

Can beginners use a chain oil filter wrench easily?
Yes, chain oil filter wrenches are easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. However, it is important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure the safe and effective use of the tool.

Are there any safety tips I should keep in mind when using a chain oil filter wrench?
Yes, always wear protective gear such as gloves and safety goggles while using a chain oil filter wrench to avoid injury. Also, never use excessive force as it can damage the filter and the tool.

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