How to Unjam Arrow T50 Staple Gun with Ease: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, then you know how important it is to have a good staple gun in your tool collection. And when it comes to reliable and versatile staple guns, the Arrow T50 is one of the best out there. However, like any other tool, staple guns can sometimes malfunction, and that can be a real pain, especially when you’re in the middle of a project.

One of the most common issues people face is a jammed staple gun. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and can be dangerous if not handled correctly. But don’t worry, in this blog, we’re going to show you how to unjam an Arrow T50 staple gun with ease.

We’ll guide you step-by-step and provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to prevent this from happening in the future. So, grab your staple gun, let’s get started!

Identify the cause of jamming

If you’re having trouble with your Arrow T50 staple gun, the most common issue is a jammed staple. When this happens, it’s important to first identify what’s causing the jam. Often, using the wrong type of staple or inserting them incorrectly can lead to a jammed staple gun.

Another possible reason for jamming could be debris or dirt that’s clogged up the mechanism. To fix this, try cleaning the area around the staple before attempting to use the gun again. Additionally, make sure to keep your staple gun properly lubricated and to take breaks while using it to prevent overheating.

Once you’ve identified the cause of the jam, you can take the necessary steps to unjam your Arrow T50 staple gun and get back to your project. Remember to always handle your staple gun with care and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal performance.

Check for debris or foreign objects

If you’re having trouble with your printer getting jammed, one possible cause could be debris or foreign objects getting stuck in the printer’s parts. This could be anything from a stray piece of paper to a paper clip that accidentally fell inside. It’s important to check for any objects that could be blocking the printer’s path.

First, turn off the printer and unplug it to avoid any risk of electrocution. Then, open the printer’s cover and carefully examine the inside. You may need a flashlight to see clearly.

Look for any debris or foreign objects that may be blocking the path of the printer’s rollers or other parts. Once you’ve identified the cause of the jamming, remove the object carefully to avoid damaging the printer or injuring yourself. With regular maintenance and care, you can prevent future jams and keep your printer running smoothly.

how to unjam arrow t50 staple gun

Inspect the staples

If your stapler is jamming repeatedly, it can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, identifying the cause of the jamming is the first step in finding a solution. One possible cause of jamming could be the staples themselves.

Inspect the staples and make sure they are the correct size and type for your stapler. Using the wrong type of staple can cause jamming. Additionally, check to see if there are any bent or misshapen staples in the stack, which can also result in jams.

Another potential cause could be overloading the stapler with too many sheets of paper. Make sure to follow the capacity guidelines for your stapler to avoid jams. By taking the time to identify and address the cause of the jams, you can save yourself time and frustration in the long run.

Clearing the jam

If you’re struggling with a jammed Arrow T50 staple gun, don’t worry; it’s a common occurrence that’s relatively easy to fix. First, unplug the staple gun and remove any remaining staples. Then, use a screwdriver or pliers to open the staple channel and remove any jammed staples one by one.

Be sure to clear any debris or residue with a soft-bristled brush before closing the channel and reloading the staples. If you’re still having trouble, try adjusting the depth setting or using compressed air to clear the channel. With a little patience and persistence, you’ll be back to stapling in no time!

Remove the magazine and staples

When you encounter a paper jam in your printer, the first thing to do is to remove the magazine and staples. This will allow you to access the jammed paper and get rid of it. To do this, follow the instructions in your printer manual on how to remove the magazine and the staples holding the jammed paper.

Depending on the printer model, this may require you to open the printer cover, remove a cartridge or toner, and then pull out the jammed paper bits. Be careful not to tear the paper, as this can make the jam worse. Once you’ve removed the magazine and staples, clear any remaining bits of paper and ensure that no other obstructions are left in the printer.

This will ensure that your printer is ready to go again and can produce crisp, clear pages. With a little bit of patience and guidance from your printer manual, you can easily clear any jams and get your printer back to working properly.

Use pliers to remove jammed staples

If you often find yourself frustrated with a jammed stapler, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us. The good news is that there is a simple solution.

All you need is a pair of pliers to clear the jam. First, remove any staples that are still intact from the stapler. Next, open the stapler as wide as possible to get a better view of the jammed staple.

Use the pliers to grip the staple, and then pull it out from the stapler. If the staple is particularly stubborn, try wiggling it back and forth until it comes loose. In no time, you’ll be back to stapling like a pro.

Remember, the key to preventing future jams is to not overload the stapler and to use the correct size staples. With these simple tips, you can say goodbye to frustrating stapler jams for good.

Clean the staple gun

Staple guns are handy tools to have around the house or in a workshop. However, they can sometimes jam up and cause frustration, hindering your progress on projects. If this happens, the first thing to do is to turn off the gun and ensure it is not loaded.

You can then remove any remaining staples, as they might be causing the jam. Once that’s done, you can examine the gun’s piston and make sure it’s in good condition. If it’s bent or damaged in any way, you’ll need to replace it.

Additionally, you might want to check the gun’s magazine to ensure it’s free of dust and debris, as this can also cause jams. If you still can’t clear the jam, you might have to take apart the gun and clear the jammed staple manually. Remember to wear protective gear while doing so.

Keeping your staple gun clean and well-maintained is key to avoiding jams and ensuring it lasts a long time.

Preventing future jams

If you’ve ever used an Arrow T50 staple gun, then you know just how frustrating it can be when it gets jammed. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent it from happening in the first place. First and foremost, make sure you’re using the right size staples for your project.

Using the wrong size can cause jams and other issues, so be sure to check the user manual before you start stapling. Additionally, try to avoid overloading the gun with too many staples at once. This can put extra pressure on the mechanism and increase the likelihood of a jam.

Finally, be sure to keep your staple gun clean and well-maintained. Regularly oiling the moving parts can help prevent rust and corrosion, which can cause jams over time. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your Arrow T50 staple gun stays jam-free and works like a charm every time you need it.

Use high-quality staples

When it comes to preventing future jams in your stapler, one of the best things you can do is ensure that you’re using high-quality staples. Cheaper, lower-quality staples are more likely to jam due to inconsistent sizing and weaker construction. High-quality staples, on the other hand, are made to precise specifications, ensuring a smooth feed through your stapler and a clean, tidy staple every time.

So, when you’re loading up your stapler, don’t skimp on the staples! Invest in a quality product and you’ll be rewarded with fewer jams and a more efficient stapling process. Remember, a few extra cents spent on higher quality staples could save you plenty of frustration and time in the long run.

Store the staple gun properly

Storing your staple gun properly is a crucial step in preventing future jams. I know it can be tempting to just toss it in a drawer or leave it lying around, but taking a few extra minutes to put it away correctly can save you a headache in the long run. First and foremost, make sure to unload any staples that are left in the gun before storing it.

This will prevent them from getting jammed or rusted inside the gun. Next, find a cool, dry place to store the gun. Avoid places with excessive heat or humidity, as this can also lead to jamming and rusting.

Consider investing in a small case or container specifically designed for staple guns to keep it safe and protected when not in use. Taking these precautions will ensure your staple gun is ready to go when you need it, without any frustrating jams or malfunctions.


In conclusion, unjamming an Arrow T50 staple gun is as easy as shooting an arrow through a target – but less dangerous, of course. Just follow these simple steps: clear the jammed staple, adjust the stapler’s tension, and use high-quality staples. With a bit of patience and finesse, you’ll be back in action in no time! So don’t let a jammed staple slow down your DIY projects, take aim at the problem and conquer it with ease.


What are the common causes of a jammed Arrow T50 staple gun?
The common causes of a jammed Arrow T50 staple gun are using the wrong size of staples, overloading the magazine, using damaged or bent staples, or not properly loading the staple gun.

How can I unjam my Arrow T50 staple gun?
To unjam your Arrow T50 staple gun, first, disconnect it from the power source. Then, try to remove any loose staples or debris from the magazine. You may also need to use pliers to pull the jammed staple out. If the jam is severe, you may need to disassemble the staple gun and remove the jammed staple manually.

What do I do if my Arrow T50 staple gun keeps jamming?
If your Arrow T50 staple gun keeps jamming, you may need to check the staples you are using to make sure they are the right size and quality. You should also inspect the magazine for debris or damage, properly load the staple gun, and use a consistent downward force when stapling.

Is there a way to prevent my Arrow T50 staple gun from jamming?
Yes, there are several ways to prevent your Arrow T50 staple gun from jamming. These include using the correct size and quality of staples, avoiding overloading the magazine, keeping the staple gun clean and free from debris, and regularly checking the staple gun for any signs of damage.

Can I use a lubricant to prevent my Arrow T50 staple gun from jamming?
Yes, you can use a lubricant to prevent your Arrow T50 staple gun from jamming. However, you should only use a light machine oil, and avoid using too much as this can attract dust and debris which could cause further jams.

How often should I clean my Arrow T50 staple gun to prevent jams?
You should clean your Arrow T50 staple gun regularly after each use to prevent jams. This includes removing any unused staples and debris from the magazine, wiping down the exterior of the staple gun, and checking the staple gun for any signs of damage.

Do I need any special tools to unjam my Arrow T50 staple gun?
No, you do not need any special tools to unjam your Arrow T50 staple gun. However, you may need pliers to pull out the jammed staple or a screwdriver to disassemble the staple gun if the jam is severe.

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