How Much Do Cordless Drills Cost in 2021? A Comprehensive Guide on Prices and Buying Tips

Cordless drills are one of the most versatile and essential tools in any handyman’s toolkit. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, a high-quality cordless drill can make all the difference when it comes to taking on various projects. But with so many options in the market, it’s essential to know how much they cost to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

In this blog post, we will explore the various factors that affect the cost of a cordless drill, from their battery life to their power output and advanced features. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s delve into the world of cordless drills!

Factors Affecting Cordless Drill Prices

When purchasing a cordless drill, the cost can vary depending on several factors. The brand, size, power, and features are all elements that influence the price point. For instance, a high-end brand can cost significantly more than a budget brand, even if they appear to have the same abilities.

Size and power are also crucial to consider since larger and more powerful drills tend to be pricier. Additionally, modern features such as adjustable clutch settings, LED lights, and brushless motors can increase the cost. Another aspect is the battery type, as lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than NiCad batteries.

Ultimately, it is essential to understand what tasks the drill will be used for and what features are necessary before investing in a cordless drill. So, before asking, “how much do cordless drills cost?,” be mindful of the factors that impact the price.

Brand and Quality

When it comes to cordless drills, prices can vary widely. Factors such as brand and quality are major determinants of the final price for a cordless drill. More expensive brands often come with a higher price tag due to the quality of materials used to manufacture the drills.

Similarly, higher-quality cordless drills are more expensive than their lower-quality counterparts. However, it is important to note that high price does not always equate with high quality. It is essential to consider the brand and quality together when shopping for a cordless drill to select the best value for your budget.

Another factor that influences cordless drill prices is the features, such as the power source, torque, and speed. These features may add extra costs to a cordless drill, but they can be worth it if they improve the drill’s performance. Ultimately, the decision for which cordless drill to purchase comes down to what you plan to use it for and how much you’re willing to spend.

how much do cordless drills cost

Power and Torque

When it comes to choosing a cordless drill, one of the main factors affecting the price is the power and torque (or twisting force) of the drill. Generally, the higher the power and torque of the drill, the more expensive it will be. This is because these features determine how well the drill can perform on tougher materials and in harder-to-reach areas.

For example, if you need a cordless drill for heavy-duty tasks such as drilling through metal or masonry, you may need to invest in a more powerful and torque-heavy drill which could come at a higher price point. On the other hand, if you only need a cordless drill for occasional DIY projects around the house, a less powerful and less expensive model may suffice. So, when it comes to purchasing a cordless drill, carefully consider what tasks you’ll need it for and how much power and torque it will require.

By doing so, you’ll be able to choose a drill that fits your needs and budget perfectly.

Battery Type and Capacity

When shopping for a cordless drill, one of the most important factors to consider is the type and capacity of the battery. Most cordless drills use either nickel-cadmium (NiCad) or lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. NiCad batteries are generally cheaper, but they have a shorter lifespan and take longer to charge.

Li-ion batteries, on the other hand, are more expensive but are lighter and last longer. Capacity is also an important factor to consider, as it determines how long you can use the drill on a single charge. Higher capacity batteries are generally more expensive, but they provide longer run times and faster charging times.

When comparing prices of cordless drills, it’s important to consider the battery type and capacity, as they can greatly affect the overall cost of the drill.

Accessories Included

When looking for a cordless drill, one factor that affects the price is the accessories included. A basic drill may come with just a few drill bits, while a more expensive model may come with a wider variety of drill bits, a carrying case, a charger, and extra batteries. These accessories can significantly increase the cost of the drill, but they can also add value and make it more convenient to use.

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Some accessories, like extra batteries, are especially useful because they allow you to keep working without having to stop and recharge. Ultimately, the decision of which accessories to prioritize depends on your specific needs and budget. If you plan to use your drill frequently and for different purposes, investing in a model with more accessories may be worth it in the long run.

Average Price Range for Cordless Drills

Have you ever wondered how much do cordless drills cost? The price range for cordless drills can vary depending on the brand, features, and power. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 for a quality cordless drill. However, there are drills that can cost upwards of $500 or more, but these are typically for professionals who require more power and durability.

The most affordable cordless drills typically come with basic features such as a simple drill chuck and low torque. For a drill with more advanced features like multiple speed settings and high torque, you can expect to pay towards the higher end of the price range. It’s important to assess your needs and budget before purchasing a cordless drill to ensure you get the right one for your specific project.

Budget-Friendly Cordless Drills

Looking for a budget-friendly cordless drill? The average price range for a cordless drill can vary depending on the brand and features, but generally, you can expect to spend between $50 to $150 for a decent-quality drill. Of course, there are some cheaper options available that may be suitable for occasional DIY projects, but they may not have the power or durability required for more heavy-duty tasks. When shopping for a cordless drill, it’s important to consider what features are important to you, such as the power, battery life, and chuck size.

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. However, by sticking to your budget and doing some research, you can find a cordless drill that meets your needs without breaking the bank. So, why wait? Start shopping today and find the perfect cordless drill for your projects!

Mid-Range Cordless Drills

When it comes to mid-range cordless drills, you can expect to pay an average price that ranges between $100 and $300. These drills are typically designed for the DIY enthusiasts or professionals who need a reliable and durable tool for their projects. In this price range, you can find cordless drills that have decent power capabilities, ranging from 12V to 20V.

Additionally, many of these drills come with extra features like multiple speed settings, torque adjustments, and LED lights that provide visibility in dimly lit spaces. Investing in a mid-range cordless drill like this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable, all-purpose tool that can handle most jobs without breaking the bank.

High-End Cordless Drills

When it comes to high-end cordless drills, the average price range can vary greatly depending on the brand, features, and power of the drill. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $400 for a high-quality cordless drill from a reputable brand. While this may seem like a steep price to pay, it’s important to remember that a high-end cordless drill can be a game-changer for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Not only do these drills provide unparalleled power and precision, but they also offer a level of convenience and portability that traditional corded drills simply can’t match. Whether you’re looking to tackle a big project around the house or need a reliable tool for your job site, investing in a high-end cordless drill is definitely worth the cost.

Where to Buy Cordless Drills

Wondering how much cordless drills cost? There’s no need to break the bank to get a high-quality cordless drill. Prices for cordless drills can vary depending on the brand, the features, and the power. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $300 for a cordless drill.

You can purchase a basic cordless drill for around $50, which is great for light diy projects around the home. If you’re looking for more power and features, a mid-range cordless drill will cost around $100 to $200. For professional use or heavy-duty tasks, top-of-the-line cordless drills can cost as much as $300.

You can find cordless drills at most hardware stores, home improvement stores, or online. Be sure to compare features, power, and prices to find the best cordless drill for your needs and budget.

Physical Stores

If you’re in the market for a cordless drill, there are plenty of places to find them. You can start with your local hardware store or home improvement center, both of which should have a good selection to choose from. These stores will often have knowledgeable staff on hand to help you find the drill that’s best for your needs.

Another option is to check out big-box retailers like Walmart or Target, where you’ll also find a decent selection of cordless drills at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for something more specialized, there are tool stores that cater specifically to contractors and professionals. These stores carry high-quality tools and may offer more personalized service to help you find the perfect drill.

Whatever your preference, with so many options available today, you’re sure to find the perfect cordless drill for your needs.

Online Retailers

Cordless drills have become a staple tool for every DIY enthusiast, woodworker, and professional technician. With so many different brands and models to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to buy a cordless drill. Fortunately, online retailers can provide you with a wide range of options and competitive prices.

Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe’s are some of the most popular online retailers you can trust for finding the best cordless drill deals. You will find a variety of popular brands such as Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, and Makita on these websites. Most online retailers offer free shipping, allowing you to purchase your drill from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Additionally, many online retailers offer customer reviews, so you can read what other buyers have to say about their cordless drill purchase. With so many choices available, finding the perfect cordless drill for your needs has never been easier.


As with any tool, the cost of a cordless drill can vary greatly depending on the brand, features, and quality. From budget-friendly options for the occasional DIY project to high-end models for professional use, there’s a drill out there for every need and budget. Just remember, if you want to be a true drill master, it’s worth investing in a quality tool that’ll last you for years to come.

And if all else fails, just grab a hammer and some nails – they never run out of batteries!”


What is the average cost of a cordless drill?
The average cost of a cordless drill is around $100-$200, depending on the brand and features.

Are there any cheaper options for cordless drills?
Yes, there are cheaper options for cordless drills, such as those available for under $50. However, these may not have as many features or might not be as durable.

What features should I consider when purchasing a cordless drill?
When purchasing a cordless drill, consider factors such as battery life, speed, torque, and the type of chuck. Also, think about whether you need a drill with multiple functions, such as hammer drilling or driving screws.

Is it worth investing in a more expensive cordless drill?
It depends on your needs and usage. If you plan on using the drill frequently or for heavy-duty projects, investing in a more expensive, high-quality cordless drill may be worth it for the long-term benefits.

What are some reputable brands for cordless drills?
Some reputable brands for cordless drills include DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Bosch.

Can cordless drills handle drilling in different materials?
Yes, cordless drills can handle drilling in different materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic. However, the type and quality of the drill bit you use will also affect the drill’s performance.

What should I look for when choosing a cordless drill battery?
When choosing a cordless drill battery, consider the voltage, capacity, and charging time. Higher voltage and capacity batteries will typically provide longer run times, but may also be heavier and more expensive. It’s also important to check if the battery is compatible with the drill you plan on purchasing.

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